Our vision

At Forwardlooking we get up each morning to inspire, challenge and support pharmacy owners, GPs, and entrepreneurs.  And, as their businesses become more successful and enjoyable to run, we help them transform their lives as well.

Our purpose

Establishing the need for a fresh approach to accounting, founder Waheed Rehman set about challenging the ways owner managed businesses and their accountants work together.

At ForwardLooking, we believe that accountants should be helping clients to plan for their future rather than just focusing on past results.

We believe we are here to improve the way clients run their businesses so they can decide how much time they spend on things that really matter to them outside of work.

We believe that ForwardLooking is here to proactively help reduce business and personal tax liabilities, which means a relationship that is  based upon a deep knowledge and understanding of our clients.

We believe that through our connection we can change lives of business owners and people around the world.

How we do it

Of course, it’s not about grand gestures, posturing or pretending to be some kind of superhero.

Instead it’s about using our professional and business skills to do lots of simple little things. Each of which makes a small (and sometimes not so small) difference.

Doing them really well, with passion, energy and skill.

And doing them alongside many other businesses who share our beliefs and passion.

So that together, one tiny step at a time, things get a little bit better for the thousands of people and businesses we collectively help.

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