Enjoying your personal success

Working hard on your business needs to be balanced with enjoying the rewards.


It’s not always easy to remember why we are in business other than to make money. Working hard and being successful are not goals in themselves, and not losing sight of what it is you want to achieve for yourself and your family is important.

Having the opportunity to review your position, and making clear goals for yourself, can transform the way you work, and energise you personally.

ForwardLooking believes in helping you reconnect with your purpose in order to create real choices of how you spend your time and reward.


Your Vision Day to rediscover business purpose and setting clear life goals

  • Clarity around WHY you do what you do – What drives you?
  • Know exactly why you want to continue in your business 
  • Set clear personal goals for you and your family
  • Explore how to free up more of your time at work


Creating the freedom to spend more time on things you love the most.


Build the lifestyle you want by maximising income and personal tax planning

  • Advice on drawings and dividends
  • Effective personal tax planning
  • Guidance on the options for maximising long term wealth through pensions and investments
  • Personal cash flow forecasts


Enjoying more of the rewards your business has created for you.


Safeguard the financial security of your family through trusts and estate planning

  • Establishing the lifestyle that you want to preserve
  • Comprehensive review of your personal and family wealth and assets
  • Detailed planning and advice on the most tax efficient approach
  • A clear route and support in structuring your affairs


Looking after those that the mean the most to you, and ensuring your legacy remains intact
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