Empower your team to deliver results

Every business leader knows that success is amplified if you have the right team behind you.


We know that being an owner can lead to long hours, and have many constraints on your time. This can be worse if you feel that it is hard to delegate to those around you, or if they struggle to take the initiative.

Having motivated, engaged and hard working staff delivers much more than the sum of their parts.

ForwardLooking believes in helping you to create a culture that can add significant value and drive better profit through team engagement, measureable actions and the right incentives.


Be a leader

Team Days to uncover potential

  • Work with you to communicate a clear vision for the business
  • An enjoyable and engaging day where your team will help set their own goals
  • Focus on how their work together can contribute to the greater success of the business
  • Reveal ways in which they can take more responsibility and accountability for their own personal development


Unlock the talent within your business


Management tools – KPI setting and reviews

  • Detailed review of the key business drivers and your goals
  • Outline performance metrics and how they will be measured
  • Advice on how to use as a part of delegation
  • How to use as a part of your business review


Providing clarity around which behaviours drive the biggest impact


Employee incentive schemes to reward and acknowledge

  • Advice on creating tax efficient reward schemes
  • Analysis and recommendations on pay and reward structures
  • Evaluation of alternative rewards to cash


Recognising the valued contribution of others in your continued success
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