Growth Accountant for Entrepreneurs

Creating choices and shaping success for entrepreneurs

Building up successful businesses requires more than just passion, commitment and a good idea. The complex operating environment most entrepreneurs must work in can often require a huge amount of personal time and energy.

Our experience of working with highly successful business owners in the Derby and East Midlands area has allowed us to create focussed programmes that help to provide critical level insight, highly efficient financial administration, and a focus on professional and personal success.

Our aim is simple – to provide real choices and achieve your life rewards.


Building a better business

  • Advising on the best business structure for your affairs to maximise operational and tax benefits
  • Challenging you to achieve your full business potential with quarterly business review meetings
  • Powering your business strategy with financial insight and benchmarking


Running a better business

  • Understand operational analysis – what is driving your profit, sales and overheads?
  • Maximising margins and hitting your profit targets
  • Overcoming time constraints of financial administration through outsourcing
  • Cash flow planning to reduce impact from high overheads and working capital needs
  • Tax Planning so you pay the legal minimum


Enjoying the rewards of a better business

  • Consciously building value in your business to maximise return at exit
  • Planning your personal Exit Strategy, so you can leave at a time of your choice and with certainty
  • Trust and estate planning to ensure your family’s future security
  • Personal tax strategies so you can enjoy more of your success on the things you love


At ForwardLooking we blend together our financial expertise and experience with working with entrepreneurs in the Derby and East Midlands area to provide a unique insight into the ways in which regional business challenges can be overcome.

Build a business you enjoy, and that rewards you with a lifestyle that you love

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