Focusing on the day when you leave your business can be stressful as there are often many uncertainties about how that might happen, and what the financial consequences will be.  

Exit planning with ForwardLooking gives you access to professional advice that can make this process stress free, mapping out and supporting you through the whole journey.

Key areas to consider:

  • Preparing your business to demand the highest price.
  • Planning to build a business which will add value
  • Having systems in place so that the business is not built around you.
  • Ensuring a plan for your future

Exit planning helps you to:

  • Develop an effective exit strategy.
  • Build strong systems, and have the right people in place to command the highest value
  • Pay the least amount of tax by reviewing the different ways to sell your business, and their tax implications
  • Prepare the buyer pack and conduct due diligence

ForwardLooking provides a trusted, confidential and supportive exit planning service to all business owners who want to maximise the potential of their business through an orderly and tax efficient exit.

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