ForwardLooking is dedicated to the profit improvement of Pharmacies, GP Practices, and Entrepreneurs in the Derby and East Midlands area. 

The complex world of NHS funding and contracts, as well as the challenges of overseeing complex business affairs can impact directly on the profit you make. We help focus on the key drivers of profitability, and create choices for how you enjoy the rewards


Profit improvement services

  • Financial performance reviews to make clear our challenges and potential
  • Benchmarking, using data comparisons to highlight opportunities
  • Interpreting accounts, empowering decision making based on reality
  • Financial forecasts, using scenarios to shape our decisions today
  • Gross margin analysis, highlighting performance strengths and weaknesses
  • Review of services and contract bids, maximising opportunities


At times of critical funding change, and pressures on the amount you can receive for drugs and services, a real focus on core profit improvement will make clear where you should concentrate your time and energy for maximum results.
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